More than Subs can Deliver

Tactile Motion doesn’t replace subwoofers; it perfectly complements them

Subwoofers are here to stay. Subs are designed to reproduce low audible frequencies with authority and without them, our movie sound and music can feel hollow, tinny, and incomplete. Sound in the real world exists across a wide spectrum of frequencies and it is important that your audio equipment cover all the bases.

Where Audible Sound ends, Motion Perception begins

Ultra-low frequences exist in the real world, but are not adequately reproduced by conventional loudspeakers or subwoofers. Even the largest, highest quality subwoofer cannot accurately reproduce frequencies in the “kinesthetic” range (0-30Hz). Subwoofers are simply designed to deliver audible sound, while Crowson Actuators are designed specifically to deliver Tactile Motion.

When a Large Sub (or multiple subs) are not Practical

Large subwoofers can take up valuable space and do not always fit into the desired aesthetic design of the theater or media room. When large or multiple subwoofers are not practical, Crowson Actuators can fill the gap by delivering desired intensity without sacrificing aesthetics, disturbing the rest of the house or neighbors, muddying the soundfield with boomy bass, or presenting dangerously high Sound Pressure Levels which can jeopardize your hearing and the hearing of your family.