BMP-3S Stereo Bass Management Pre-Amplifier – Discontinued

Necessary when pairing Crowson’s TES 100 Stereo or Mono Motion System with a 3rd party power amplifier, the BMP-3S delivers unprecedented steering capabilities for “stereo” motion effects (when employing two (2) or more Actuators). Watching a powerful stock car zoom from left to right across your display now means FEELING the ground-quaking engine, racing from left to right in your seat!

The BMP-3S also features effective bass management, which allows enthusiasts to capture and sum up to 3-channels of bass information (L, R and LFE) to a discrete left and right output (regardless of the soundtrack format). The BMP-3S employs high quality line-level gain circuitry to ensure any amplifier can be used with the TES 100 Stereo or Mono Motion System. Additional features allow each user to further customize his/her experience: master gain control (-20 to +20dB), and a variable low-pass filter (500Hz to 20Hz).


  • Size:L=4.8” x W=2.0” x H=3.6”
  • Inputs: RCA, unbalanced Left, Right and LFE
  • Outputs: RCA, unbalanced Left, Right and Mono
  • Controls: Low Pass Filter, 20Hz – 500Hz continuously variable
  • Gain: -20dB (min) to +20dB (max) continuously variable
  • Power: 12VDC 100mA (adaptor supplied)
  • Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Price: $249