Expert Industry Reviews

 –  The Laws of Motion – Dennis Burger, Robb Report Home Entertainment 
My positive reaction to the action of the TES-100 actuators and A300 amplifier combo is equal to, and the exact opposite of, the disdain I feel for the gimmicky shakers I’ve known and loathed before.
 –  Independent London Laboratory Grants Crowson coveted “Best Buy Guarantee” 
Future Publishing Ltd, the well respected publisher of Home Cinema Choice, T3, What HiFi, and others, puts Crowson’s Stereo Motion System to the rigorous challenge…
 –  Robb Report Home Entertainment and Design – Brent Butterworth, Executive Editor 
“…Adding realism impossible to achieve with a…sub. The effect sucks us into the action…”
 –  The Tactile Comparison 
“For my money, it would be four Crowsons, four amplifiers, and a couch big enough for the entire family.”
—Simon Spears, Widescreen Review
 – Home Theater Guide — Robert Silva, Editor 
In tests with both movie and music material, I was very impressed with textures that the TES100 was able to produce… 5 Stars!
 – – review by Nathaniel Wilkins 
…Ideally suited to ratchet up the visceral, adrenaline-laden action-movie experience. When the rocket slammed into the bank vault door, we felt as though we were sitting directly on top of a subwoofer.
 –  Mavromatic Technoblog Review — by Danny Mavromatis 
What’s the next big thing to hit the home theater market that can take it to another level? Holographic displays are still a ways away… but tactile feed back is here today.
 –  Audioholics: The Best Transducer we Have Evaluated to Date 
The TES-100 tactile transducers were obviously the best transducer we have evaluated or installed to date and we have no problem officially labeling them “audiophile.” — Ray Adkins
 –  CBS News Features TES 100! 
TES 100 prominently featured on CBS Early Show. Watch video clip via this link…
 –  ButtKicker, Crowson, Totem – The Tactile Comparison 
“Crowson Technology TES 100 Tactile Effects
System takes this an extra step (or two) further by transporting you emotionally further into what you are watching by physically altering significant perceptions of what a home theatre experience is meant to be”.