Troubleshooting Guide


Possible Cause


No Motion output

·       Amplifier power off

·       Plug in and turn the amplifier on

·       RCA cables are connected to the wrong outputs or inputs

·       Check all RCA connections

·       Bare speaker wire + and – touching

·       Isolate wire leads and replace the amplifier fuse if necessary

·       LFE output on receiver is turned off

·       Turn the LFE output on or select “yes” for subwoofer

·       RCA audio output is not turned on

·       Change the audio settings on the source

Low Motion output

·       Supporting foot is not centered on the TES transducer

·       Center the TES Actuator under the supporting foot

·       Amplifier volume is set too low

·       Increase the amplifier volume or gain

·       LFE output level on receiver is set too low

·       Set the LFE output to maximum

·       TES is overloaded with weight

·       Reduce the weight or move the Actuator to different supporting foot

Buzzing sound at all volume levels

·         Uneven floor 

·       Rotate the TES Actuator until all 4 nylon pads are in contact with the floor

·         TES Actuator is touching something unnecessarily

·       Clear all items away from Actuator

·         Poorly positioned TES Actuator


·       Relocate the TES Actuator under another supporting foot

Buzzing sound at high volume levels

·         Amplifier power is set too high


·       Reduce amplifier volume or reduce LFE output on receiver

·         Loose fittings or joints on the couch or chair


·       Secure all loose parts on couch or chair