Individualized Bass Control

Control each chair separately

Why fight over volume? With Crowson Actuators, satisfy low and high intensity preferences simultaneously – even when sitting side by side.

“Turn down that sub!”

Ever heard this before? Recall what potential advantages originally attracted you to home theater vs. the cineplex. In addition to exorbitant ticket prices, soggy popcorn, and the village loudmouth, the collective experience of the cinemaplex also subjects you to a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Chairs may not fit right, viewing angles are not ideal (especially when a basketball player plops down in front of you at the last minute), and volume levels that are perfect for one person are likely wrong for another.

Volume and intensity are perceived differently for each of us, and until now, the only way to “personalize” multiple viewing experiences in a collective environment was to use headphones. With Crowson Linear Actuators, each enthusiast can adjust the intensity of his or her experience by selecting a desired Tactile impact level.