About: Home Theater – A300/TES100SB Full Review

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TES100 Actuator and A300 Stereo Effects Amplifier

Adding Low Frequency Tactile Motion Sensation To Your

Home Theater Experience 

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The Bottom Line

The TES100 and A300 amplifier combination really delivers realistic tactile sensation to the home theater experience. Easy to install and use, this product can be added to any home theater system with subwoofer or preamp outputs.

I was impressed with vibration textures that the TES100/A300 combination was able to produce with both movies and music.

The combination of the TES100 Stereo Tactile Motion System and A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier enables the consumer to turn his/her own chair, or couch, into a home theater component that adds the sensory experience of touch to your viewing and listening enjoyment. This is one of the most innovative home theater products available to the consumer.

I give the Crowson TES100 Stereo Tactile Motion System – A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier Combination 5 Stars.