Level 2 Motion System: Two Shadow-8 Actuators with a D-501 Amplifier


Premier system designed for one chair, loveseat or couch, powered by the D-501 Amplifier

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Recommended for users that require high power output for a single piece of furniture. Get uniform effects under all types of seats with two armrests (four supporting feet).

Also a cost effective solution for two individual chairs(Additional Motion Isolators required).


  • 2 Shadow-8 (T108S) Actuators
  • 2 Sorbothane Motion Isolators (may require additional Motion Isolators if your seating has more than four total supporting feet).
  • 1 D-501 Tactile Motion Amplifier


Requires (see D-501 Installation Manual for specific requirements)

  • RCA audio cables
  • Speaker wire