D-501 Tactile Motion Amplifier




The D-501 Tactile Motion Amplifier is designed to perfectly complement Crowson Shadow-8 Actuators. The D-501 Amplifier is built to reference-grade specifications. Integrated pre-amplifier features and beautiful stainless steel remote control offer a luxurious, custom-tailored experience. The 500 watt RMS (700W dynamic) amplifier is tuned for dynamic motion and includes distortion limiting electronics.

The amplifier comes with a remote control with intensity up and down, power and two presets.

The 1 unit high amplifier is easily rack-mounted and uses conventional line level (RCA) and speaker wires.

The D-501 amplifier front panel has power on/standby button, intensity knob, intensity level display and mode control. The rear panel has low pass crossover frequency control, phase control, auto on option, 12-volt trigger and IR repeater jack. The crossover can be set from 40 Hz to 160 Hz. The phase can be set to 0 or 180 degrees.

With ample power for up to four (4) Shadow-8 Actuators (two T108SS kits), the D-501 Amplifier is a beautifully crafted, high-end component.


  • Drives up to four Shadow-8 (T108S) Actuators with 500Wrms (700W peak)of pristine power
  • Control-system compatible with rear-mounted IR Input
  • Included stainless steel remote control
  • Filter and gain control for limitless personalization
  • 12V trigger or auto on
  • Remote control presets: Movie, Music
  • Two phase settings for a perfect match with your subwoofer
  • Rack mountable with supplied removable ears
  • From extreme to subtle, delivers accurate and perfectly time aligned motion


  • 500W RMS (2 ohm), 700W dynamic
  • Variable Low Pass Filter: 40-160Hz
  • Frequency response: 5 to 160Hz
  • Phase switch: 0 or 180 degrees
  • Auto on sensitivity: 3mV
  • External trigger voltage range: 5V – 20Vdc
  • Weight: 20lbs. (9 Kg)
  • Size : 1U, 1.7″ (1.9″ including feet) x 17″ x 10.4″ (11.2″ including speaker connections)
  • Certification: CE certified