Q:  Can I use the TES 100 on a hardwood floor or on carpet?
Q:  Does the TES work with music?
Q:  What if my couch has more than four feet?
Q:  Can I use a TES under a platform?
Q:  Can I use a TES under my bed?
Q:  Can I use a TES with headphones?
Q:  Can I use more than two TES Actuators under my couch or chair?
Q:  Can I use one (1) channel of a multi-channel amplifier or an old receiver to power a TES?
Q:  Can I use the amplifier in my A/V receiver to power the TES?
Q:  Is the Crowson TES-100 different from a "shaker?"
Q:  Should I adjust the phase of the TES to match my subwoofer?
Q:  When using a TES-100 Mono Kit on my couch, will the strength of the tactile effects be uniform from one side to the other?
Q:  Will I still need a subwoofer?