Expert Industry Reviews
My positive reaction to the action of the TES-100 actuators and A300 amplifier combo is equal to, and the exact opposite of, the disdain I feel for the gimmicky shakers I've known and loathed before.

Future Publishing Ltd, the well respected publisher of Home Cinema Choice, T3, What HiFi, and others, puts Crowson's Stereo Motion System to the rigorous challenge...

This is one of the most innovative home theater products available to the consumer.
--Robert Silva, About.com Guide

The TES-100 tactile transducers were obviously the best transducer we have evaluated or installed to date and we have no problem officially labeling them "audiophile." -- Ray Adkins

5/3/2006 -  The Tactile Comparison 
"For my money, it would be four Crowsons, four amplifiers, and a couch big enough for the entire family."
---Simon Spears, Widescreen Review

"...Adding realism impossible to achieve with a...sub. The effect sucks us into the action..."

7/21/2005 -  We've been Podcasted! 
Click here to LISTEN to our first review available as an mp3 file.

In tests with both movie and music material, I was very impressed with textures that the TES100 was able to produce... 5 Stars!

"...a full body adrenaline blast..." -- "Can you Feel Me Now?"

2/4/2005 -  CBS News Features TES 100! 
TES 100 prominently featured on CBS Early Show. Watch video clip via this link...

"I thought it would be a gimmicky experience. 'Amusing, but not for serious videophiles,' I thought... ...Boy, was I wrong."

"The degree of movement on-screen is seemingly reproduced to perfection by the Crowson Technology TES 100 Tactile Effects System."

What’s the next big thing to hit the home theater market that can take it to another level? Holographic displays are still a ways away… but tactile feed back is here today.

"Fire Down Below ...Working in conjunction with my subwoofer...the TES 100 found genuine boom in all of my movie demo material."

...Ideally suited to ratchet up the visceral, adrenaline-laden action-movie experience. When the rocket slammed into the bank vault door, we felt as though we were sitting directly on top of a subwoofer.

The TES-100 was very, very easy to set up. No mounting hardware is required. Your chair or couch just sits on it (them). What really surprised me was the amount of shaking I got with the TES-100. It is not very big, but it really shakes!

"WOW! This was a fun product to review. The Crowson TES 100 is the next generation of tactile effects for home theater systems. The bass shaker era has ended, and the age of the TES 100 has begun." --- Matthew Washam, Sr. Ed. HometheaterSPOT magazine

"WOW! This was a fun product to review. The Crowson TES 100 is the next generation of tactile effects for home theater systems. The bass shaker era has ended, and the age of the TES 100 has begun....I don't want to send these back. They might have to pry the Couch Kit from my hands."

12/12/2003 -  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 
"...When you combine the effects from the TES 100 with a subwoofer's output, the overall impact is very convincing. I tested the TES 100 Chair Kit. Every rumbling and shaking effect tied in perfectly with the subwoofers output and expanded the emotional horizon explosively for every movie I watched. The entire viewing experience was considerably more thrilling, and I was drawn much further into the action than I would otherwise have been... " - Gary Raskin, Raskin Home Theater

"...I put in my Matrix Reloaded DVD and sat down. I watched the scene where Trinity is falling backwards in slow motion out of a high-rise window, guns shooting in either hand. To my surprise, I could actually feel each bullet shot coming from alternate sides of the couch! I didn't expect the tactile experience to be STEREO, and it lent a new level of realism that a stand-alone sub hidden in a corner couldn't..." --Perry Wang, Director of Production, Media Revolution LLC - 12/09/03

Customer Testimonials

"An absolute must-have for any home theater! Takes movies to the next level! Wonderful product! Thanks to John for such great service...Before, during and after the sale!" --Jason Walker, 05/05, Olathe, Kansas

"I have recommended to my friends and let them test it. One of my friends already bought it and the others should buy it in future." -- Jason Yeo, 09/04, Singapore

"Works great! Great product - enjoy the movie watching experience more than ever!" K. Murray, 10/04

"I find the TES 100 to be a very good product and thus far I am very satisfied with its performance." -- John Gwinn Jr., 10/04

"Very good if you are looking for the most accurate response." -- Andy C., 11/04, Singapore

"Despite my large speakers (Dunlavy Cantate), there are plenty of low frequencies to be FELT. I keep smiling with movies." -- Seppo Peuranen, 12/04 -- Finland

"It's simply a HT must-have. GREAT product!!! Most of my friends have never heard of it (or felt it), but they are impressed every time they try it out at my place, I personally love it and notice immediately when I forget to turn on my amp" -- Steve Bjorg, 12/04

"I did hook the system up to my home theater (the day I received them :) - I was quite impressed with ease of the set up and with the quality of the product. They felt Great! I have on a few occasions pushed them very hard and the protection system has worked flawlessly...It looks like you guys have done your homework. Great product!" - Roberts Stanners, VRX Industries, Ltd., British Columbia, Canada - 7/5/04

"My only suggestion is to offer the [motion isolators] in different colors (especially brown and black) to help with the wife factor. Thanks for all of your help and great customer service. I think you may have a goldmine here. Good luck! Regards." -- T. Heist, New Jersey, 06/06/04

"It is a pure WOW. The feeling is amazing." - Andi Zulkarnain, Jakarta Indonesia, 04/01/04

“I’ve been looking for a new product like this for our customers – something to separate their setup from the norm. I think this is it.” --Matt, Custom Home Theater installer, Charlotte, NC - 10/28/03

“Solid product. The TES Doesn’t seem to have any of the roll off or clipping of the earlier [shaker product]. Also, the exterior design is very clean. Many of my customers have wives who complain about ‘ugly equipment’ in their living rooms. This is definitely a step up.” --Mark, Owner, Custom AV Installations Shop, CA - 10/02/03