Audioholics: The Best Transducer we Have Evaluated to Date 

Audioholics, a highly regarded online forum for audio/videophiles around the world, completed their rigorous test of the Crowson Motion Actuator System in April of 2006.

This site had previously tested several tactile products and found that none compared to the TES-100. See the "Scorecard" excerpted below, and please click here to access the entire review at

"The TES-100 did much more than just shake the chair, the feeling we had would be reminiscent of riding the cone surface of a gigantic audiophile subwoofer. The TES-100 tactile transducer blended with our Velodyne HGS-15x seamlessly. It actually felt as though the subwoofer was an extension of the tactile system. We assume that the startling level of performance was due to the electromagnetic properties of the transducer.  The short throw of the actuator would also explain how it could be so darn fast."

Crowson TES-100 Motion Actuator Kit Score Card



Build Quality

User Interface


System Integration

Low Frequency Tactile Extension

Speed/Lag Time

Wow Effect