The Tactile Comparison 

In the March 2006 issue of Widescreen Review, Simon Spears takes a hard look at several devices which claim to deliver accurate tactile effects for home theater. What he finds is what we've been saying all along - the Crowson TES-100 is a "completely different beast" - as Mr. Spears puts it.

Because the TES-100 introduces accurate MOTION, and not merely a potentially inaccurate "shake," it stands alone as a true high-fidelity linear actuator. Mr. Spears also astutely notes that "More is not necessarily better." Any discriminating audio enthusiast will set subwoofer volumes appropriately, so that the bass does not overpower the rest of the system. Tactile effects, ideally, are experienced in a similarly seamless, immersive fashion.

Low-frequency tactile motion is a natural component of our real-world experience. Thus, motion amplitudes in your home theater should never be inaccurate or distract from the rest of your sensory experience. Tactile effects should augment sight and sound perfectly -- and as Mr. Spears finds, only one device delivers.

Please click here to download the entire review and read the verdict for yourselves (PDF).