We've been Podcasted! 

What is a PODcast? Well, basically it is an audio program (like a radio show) that you can download and listen to on your portable audio player (like an Apple iPOD or other mp3 player), on your PC or mp3 compatible CD Player, etc.

HTguys.com contacted us to conduct an audio review of Crowson products. As they put it, "We had read your print reviews, but our audio review can do what a print review can't. We loved this product and you can tell by the excitement in our voices."

We are very pleased to offer you excerpts from the HTguys.com Podcast, originally "aired" on 21 June 2005. 

Download entire excerpt (8 MB file, length 9 min)

Or, download two smaller files:

Part 1 only: Setting up the equipment and initial observations (4 MB file)

Part 2 only: Test Results and Final Review, "Two thumbs up." (4 MB file)


To listen to the original podcast in its entirety (includes a review of Sharp LCD TV technology), please visit the HTguys.com website and look for the 7-21-05 archive.