Home Theater Magazine - review by Chris Chiarella, Convergence Editor 

Crowson Technology TES 100 Couch Kit

Chris Chiarella, September, 2004

What's shaking in the world of convergence? [excerpts]

One of the reasons I sleep well each night, secure in my job at HT, is the fact that seemingly every unusual product that comes down the pike is deemed "convergence" and falls into my lap. The Crowson Technology Tactile Effects System (TES) 100 wasn't exactly what I thought it would be: I anticipated a little added shaking of the sofa at appropriate moments, and the TES 100 certainly delivered, but the Couch Kit's two magnetic transducers turned out to be actual loudspeakers that also happen to channel enough physical vibration to move whatever is pressed down upon them, ideally the two hind legs of a big piece of furniture. Two rubber feet help to isolate the front legs. The less-expensive Chair Kit comes with one transducer and three rubber feet...

Fire Down Below
Working in conjunction with my subwoofer (and with the bass settings generously tweaked), the TES 100 found genuine boom in all of my movie demo material, both obvious (the massive firepower of The Patriot) and less obvious (the sadistic fun of Bugs Bunny). On an explosive video game like Halo for Xbox, that extra little boost of realism is provided to help reach a level of immersion that most modern game designers are striving so hard to attain.


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